Based on the notion that gymnastics is a sport for everybody, Gymnastics for All is the flagship discipline of the sport. Offering a variety of activities, programmes, events and competitions suitable

for all genders, age groups and abilities.

Aim for a Perfect 10



These classes are aimed at developing social and practical skills such as balance, co-ordination, strength & flexibility.


They also enable children to develop creativity while interacting with other children in a fun, safe environment.



The display groups can be for children and adults alike, if you enjoy participating in the sport but feel that you don’t like the pressure of competing then this could be the area for you, you would go to the event/s  and perform your group routine/s in a nice relaxed but energised atmosphere  making it an enjoyable experience for all and at the end you will be awarded a medal of participation or a certificate.

As soon as you can walk you can join the fun!

 Gymnastics For All Ages